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  1. Dear all, For your information, the GE & PW Mod for the A330 of Aerosoft and the Neo Mod for the Aerosoft A320 is down by a request from the engines model creator. TropicalGroup undertakes to respect the decision taken by the creator of the engine model. Therefore and for an indefinite period of time, please do not ask staff members about the re-upload status of these mods. We are in negotiation with the creator and we are working on this, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, TropicalGroup Staff
  2. Unfortunately, yes (concerning engines)...
  3. Hello captains, Don't forget to join our Discord Server ! We have an incredible community and only a few members left before we reach 1,000 users! so... the next giveway is close... See you there!
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