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  1. Strategic A320 in CFM engines would be great in the european LX-STA reg. Charter carrier throughout France an UK until their demise.. operated for many airlines LX-STA Strategic Airlines Airbus A320-212 Photo by Nico Vatany | ID 322831 | Planespotters.net LX-STA Strategic Airlines Airbus A320-212 Photo by Paulo Carvalho | ID 258077 | Planespotters.net
  2. Hey guys wondering if anyone out there could do the Original colour scheme for Air Arabia. Maroc Reg CN-NMJ UAE Reg. A6- (any still in that colour scheme) such as -AOJ -AOW for example. thank you so much. The new colours look fantastic btw. But as many of the original still flying would be great for the sim. 🙂
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