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Announcement of the development of Cayenne Felix Éboué(SOCA) Airport for MSFS


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Hello everyone !


It's the day of the long-awaited announcement, I already show you some pics on our discord, like you already saw on the preview that I shared, we are actively developing Cayenne Felix Éboué(SOCA) Airport for MSFS !

We finally found professional 3D Artists/Texturers and they made an absolute outstanding job !

This airport is probably the first of a long list.

The modelisation of the passenger side is almost ready, we are now on the interior of the terminal and then on the military area, general aviation zone,...


Here are some pictures of the work already done :












It's enough for today 😁

Also, if you live or have lived in Cayenne or you know the airport very well, you can contact us at : contact@tropicalgroup.org


Last thing, every Friday at 7PM Zulu (except tomorrow and in special cases) we will be posting a dev update with new pictures and information regarding further dev, maybe we'll show you inside the terminal next friday ?

This airport is a big investment for us, we hope it will live up to your expectations !


See you next friday,


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